Technical standardization

Centre for technical standardization for fire protection

Centre for technical standardization for fire protection

(hereinafter referred to as CTN PO).

The Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing has granted PAVUS, a.s. with a „License" to use the designation CTN and Centre for Technical Standardization. CTN PO is contractually authorized to ensure national and international cooperation in the standardization process in the given field, it provides information on legal regulations and technical standards, offers professional cooperation in the field of technical standardization (information on prepared standards, issued standards or their changes and suppression, on harmonized standards for relevant government regulations, etc.), especially ensuring active participation in the process of European and international standardization as well as improving the awareness of the technical public and its involvement in the process of standardization, implementation and use of standards in practice.

CTN PO ensures and provides:

  • consultations in the field of legal and factual issues of technical standardization;
  • methodical, professional or advisory assistance in the development of company standards, technical specifications or technical information;
  • processing the technical standards, solving the issues in terms of technical standardization;
  • international cooperation in the given field;
  • analytical tasks, study of Czech, European and other normative documents;
  • translations and professional proofreading of standards and other documents;
  • professional, organizational and financial provision of technical standardization issues;
  • systematic monitoring and informing the professional public about the status of technical standards and regulations in the given field;
  • close and effective cooperation of experts from interested fields;
  • consultations in the field of quality management for the given field.

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