Fire tests of the water mist systems


Fire tests of the water mist systems were performed at PAVUS Fire Testing Laboratory.


Program of tests was elaborated according to ČSN P CEN/TS 14972, Annex B: Guidelines for developing representative fire test procedures for watermist systems and other conditions associated with standards for design of fire safety in buildings in Czech Republic. Especially with ČSN 73 0802, but also with principles of Fire safety engineering published in at ISO TR/13387-7.


There was constructed special testing room at the laboratory, in which were monitored course of temperatures, amount of oxygen and course of pressure at defined points.


Conclusion: Fire test results confirmed essential parameters for design and installation of water mist systems for specific application. It was confirmed the significance preparing of fire scenarios variations and a sensitive for changes of specific parameters (geometry of protected area, air and hot gases flow and change, time delay, type of combustible, preburn time, operating pressure, type of nozzles, etc.) for a final rating of the test, i. e. fire suppression and/or fire extinguishment.


You can see the test record by infrared camera here.